How to confirm if Wafflelove is available for the date & time?

Please include a date, time, location & number of guests in your initial email.

How to reserve your order?

To confirm your order, we kindly request at 50% deposit.


Do you charge per person or hourly?

We charge per person. Please refer to our recommended hours.
50 - 100 guests - 1 hour

101 - 150 guests - 1.5 hours

151 - 250 guests - 2 hours

251 - 400 guests - 2.5 hours

401+ guests - 3 hours+

How many waffle flavours can I have at my event?

One waffle flavour per event. (Flavours: Original, Funfetti, Chocolate(+$), Red Velvet (+$)

How many waffle sticks can my guests have?

During the time we are serving, your guests can enjoy as many as they would like! Please keep in mind we make approximately 90-125 waffle sticks an hour.



When do I give you the final guest count?

Upon deposit. If your number changes, we require at least a two week notice. Additional charges may apply.


Can I add different toppings?

Absolutely! We’d love to accommodate your request! Please inquire upon initial request to see if it is possible and if an additional fee will apply.



How many attendees will be at the event?

Two soul-friends who love creating all things sweet! 

Additional attendees at additional cost for parties less than 200 guests.

How much space does Wafflelove require to operate at your party?

We operate from a 6 feet table & 4 feet table. We require at least 6 ft by 4 ft. The tables will be provided by us, along with extension cords if required.


What is not included?

We recommend a garbage disposal bin so your guests can dispose their trays and napkins, once they’ve devoured their goodies! 


Do you do outdoor events?

At this time, we are only available for indoor events.

We will update you when this changes.

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